Kaleidoscope Bantam Cochin Eggs one dozen

From the other page it almost looks like you have some close to a BLR coloring on some of these. What is your objective with this project? I see Blue undertones with a Reddish Buff overlay? They are different, but how are they for breeding in the second and third generations? Have you thought about crossing in a Laced variety to try getting a BLR? It would look beautiful on a Cochin, I think.
I couldnt get a gold laced male to breed so I ended up using a mille. All my F2's should be split to mille fleur so I'm kind of hoping to possibly see a blue mille in the future. My real objective is to see red or gold and blue on the same bird. I think it just looks beautiful
depending on how these babies turn out this year I will choose my next step in breeding

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