Keep them spearate or what?


10 Years
Nov 6, 2009
Springfield, Missouri
I have a question about housing toms and hens during the breeding season. I’ve breed turkeys before with no problem, but recently I lost a hen from an injury she got from a tom on her back. So my question is should I separate them in different pens, and put them together periodically or what?
I have a flock of 9 turkeys, 2 Narragansett toms and 7 hens, 5 Narragansett, 1 Bourbon Red and one mixed, that I plan to breed this spring. Have thought about saddles but not sure about them. Guess what I’m looking for is what works for the rest of you and how you all deal with it. Thanks.
See if you can catch the tom that is hurting the hens. Eat him, the BR hen and the mixed hen. Then cut the spurs off the remaining Narr tom and you have the 5 Narr hens to breed. Then you will have pure bred Narrs instead of more mutts.
Well I got rid of the Broad Breasted Bronze tom today and think that will make a difference. I plan to keep my Mutt hens separate so the Narrs will be pure. But thanks for the advice.

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