Keeper skill level for Hungarian Partridge?

Discussion in 'Pheasants and Partridge (Chukar)' started by rittert3, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Just wondering how hard they are to keep. I had huge aggression issues with large numbers of bobwhite but had pretty good luck with them in small numbers. I've never kept chukar or really wanted to (because they're so common and I don't find them attractive or desirable) but I've heard quite a bit about raising them. Do Huns do as well on wire as chukar, and how much area would they need for 1 pair? I'm planning on setting up a wire breeding cage "rack" for my coturnix and some color varied bobs next fall and have toyed with the idea of trying huns too if it wouldn't be asking for trouble. A little more on my skill level, I had ringnecks for a short time but had to give them up do to a neighbors cats snacking on my started chicks and not having enough room for my adults. I used to hatch, start, and sell chickens all the time and have kept pigeons and a small variety of house birds over the years. I'd really like to expand my experience with small numbers or some birds that are just a hair more difficult as I grow. I eventually want a small duck aviary and want to try my hand at ruffed pheasant and erckles, I may want to get some ringnecks again one day too. I've got alot more room to work with now so I'm just exploring my possibilities.
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    ya might try Barbary first they seem a bit more laid back to me chukars are not bad but you need plenty of room for them come spring when they start mating places for the hens to duck into help a lot

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