Keeping eggs till they are in the incubator, time and temps allowed?


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Aug 25, 2010
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Well my good news is another member near me is going to incubate some eggs.

So here is the hard part, how long can I keep the eggs, once collected, till we have enough to get a dozen of varies types for the incubator?
I get two silkie eggs a day, 1 polish, 2 cochin bantam, 1-2 OEGB eggs, and 2-3 standard eggs.
I want an even 6 or so silkie, 2 polish 2-3 cochin and about 4 standard eggs...
So at least 3 days worth...
The coop/barn is unheated, and they are not being broody yet.

I don't remember the temps they need to be stored at, but 3 days is nothing. Consider that a single hen may hatch a clutch of a dozen eggs or more, but she only lays one egg a day and starts brooding them all at the same time. I'd think you'd need to bring them in from your coop as soon after they're laid as possible to keep them from getting too cool outside... but storing them for a few days at the correct temperature shouldn't be any problem at all.

I'll be interested to hear responses on the temps since I'm planning to do the same thing. It's still too cold for the eggs to be out there for long and my hens aren't laying consistently yet. Not knowing the storage temp is the only reason I haven't gotten serious about collecting the eggs for more than eating!
You can keep them for up to 7-10 days, any longer than that, and their chance of

hatching will rapidly decrease. Keep them in an egg carton or cardboard box at

temps from 40-75 F.

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