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    Feb 10, 2015
    And they call people from the south rednecks.

    If a dear it hit here in Alabama most people would call a State trooper and he would either call animal rescue or slit its throat and send the meat to the local children's charity and feed the orphans.

    Good luck finding your breeders.
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    Well, lucky for the deer, the bikers called the animal rescue to come save it, so hopefully it would survive. Crazy Californians, a deer isn't just roadkill.
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    LeafBlade, I know everyone meant well, but did it occur to anyone that being touched by even one human was incredibly stressful for that deer? Deer are wild animals; I don't care how well-meaning the bikers were, if the deer was aware that they were touching it, it wasn't being comforted, it was being terrified. If you were lying injured and stunned on the ground, would you have found it comforting to awaken to the realization that you were being sniffed and licked by a couple of cougars, with even more gathering around you? We are predators, and every prey animal knows it, even if we don't. It wasn't just you making the deer nervous, it was probably starting to come around and be more aware of everything that was happening around it. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if, shortly after you left, that deer began using its sharp hooves to defend itself against its would-be rescuers. I hope it had a good outcome; not caring enough to find out the status of an animal they had struck was very callous of the motorist that hit it.

    I'm curious - did you examine any of those dead coots that you saw, and find wounds on them? While it certainly is possible that it was someone who was just killing them for the "fun" of it, as you know, most legal hunters are far more respectful and responsible than to shoot at a flock and just leave the birds to rot (or to kill outside of the October-to-January hunting season in your state). Being a bit hyper-aware of Avian Influenza at the moment, if I were to come across several dead water fowl, the possibility of disease wouldn't be far from my mind - nor the possibility of poisoning, come to that.[​IMG]
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    Groups of dead waterfowl are often due to pasturella infection or botulism, both of which can occur this time of year. Though, it is always good idea to think about AI. It's rare for AI to mutate to the high path form in waterfowl, though not unheard of. It may be worth contacting the state extension office and letting them know about the dead birds.

    Sorry to hear about the deer. I've hit one before and I've been in a vehicle with people who have hit them. It's generally regarded as dangerous to check on them, so usually we'll just let the police know and drive on. Many times, the deer are just stunned and when they wake up, they could be incredibly dangerous. The state troopers usually come out and shoot them. Most wildlife sanctuaries around here won't even accept deer because they are such an issue for our area!
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    Bunny Lady,
    The deer was in shock, the people were just sitting by it as instructed by the wildlife rescue. They told them to stroke and talk softly to the deer, and it seemed to be helping. Chickerdoodle, the birds did have bullet wounds, or at least the few I examined. I respect most hunters, it was just sad that these birds were injured and left to die, or shot and not used for a purpose.
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    Tank check:
    We have had several batches of fry recently born, and also purchased two African Dwarf Frogs, not to be confused with African clawed frogs. One frog died, the other has seemingly disappeared. Right now I have maybe sixteen fry, mostly guppies and a few mollies, in my breeding box, not enough to sell, just enough to restock my hobby tank. Our female spiny soft shell, after being missing for almost two weeks, appeared in our pond a few days ago! It was very exciting as we thought we had lost her. Most of my hobby fish had died in our last ick infection, so we have been working on getting some new guppies. Anyway, how is everyone's tank?
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    Jul 16, 2015
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    Mine are all doing well, I've moved three fancy goldfish out of my 20 gallon, down to the basement in a 29, then got four red and white feeder goldfish, tiny buggers, for the 20, I'm going to get a couple of more next Saturday, I figure I have a year or so before I have to panic about where to move them to.
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    We bought feeders that are now almost two feet! They grow fast...[​IMG]
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    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    I have some that I bought 12 years ago, they are big enough to eat, they watch me through the glass as much as I watch them. They grow a bit slower in an aquarium, put them outside in the pond during the summer and they will double.
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    You eat your goldfish?

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