Keeping peace in the chicken yard despite "too many" roosters and interfering with pecking order


Sep 16, 2020
Southeast Misssouri
I really enjoyed reading this. I've had way too many roosters and cockerels for way too long. I'd love to let the boys free range together but the bantams are absolutely relentless in fighting with the LF. The LF almost seem to realize the bantams are so much smaller, but even after the LF step back from fighting, the bantams seem to want to finish things for good. I'm curious about how this situation would work with LF and Bantam Roosters and Cockerels.

I've heard bantams can be very fierce fighters! What is LF?


In the Brooder
Dec 24, 2020
I love Elvis! So handsome. Thank you for posting this it is really helpful. I had 10 (all different ages) somehow between hatching and people
Giving me free pullets I ended up with only 4 hens and one of them just died suddenly. Sadly the roosters that should go are Silver Laced Polish & Sumatra. I’m super worried about breeding season with them. But they are too beautiful for (as you call it ) Freezer Camp. Haha love that
Trying to keep the peace until this next round hatches and they get more ladies. But these new boys will be sent to camp

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