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    Apr 11, 2009
    i am just starting on the chicken voyage. and i am getting ready to move my first chicks into their permanent home, their coop and i am trying to take an ounce of prevention. so i'm getting some goats to run with the chickens, i read somewhere that running goats with chickens helps keep birds away. i'm getting two great pyranees/lab mix puppies to raise in the chicken house. i'm hoping this will help to prevent nightime intruders, that and the pit bull that wanders the grounds at night. the only opening in the coop are near the roof. and i had small wire around that. will this keep the snakes out, and have i forgot anything? and will my plans work?

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    the things about snakes is they can flatten them selves out to fit thru cracks like the one at bottom of the coop door but the bigger ones it will be harder im not sure exactly how big your chickens are but if a little snake gets throught it will become dinner but bigger snakes always seem to find a way in so just everyonce in a while to a check up on your coup for any holes or cracks or creveses just to be on the safe side

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    You'll need a good trusty gun....

    We use these 3 to patrol our area...

    ...but every now and then we still need to shoot predators.
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    Goats, thats a good idea.
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    Hmmmm...better put really strong wire on the top of your coop or enclose it with something solid.

    Racoons are notorious for coming in through the tops or sides of coops....often from a nearby tree even. They are the worst predators for me, very clever and gruesome killers.
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    You will need a gun sometime along the way. I now its a hard thing do but you will have to proect your flock. Also if you are worried about snakes than eliminate there food source {mice} and you will not have a problem there unless you get a pesty rat snake that has a craving for eggs. If that happens than you will have to trap the snake in a pillow case and relocate it several mies away. If you run into this problem than let me know and I will help you every step of the way. My SO and myself are profssional snake handlers.

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