Keeping Silkies dry in winter?


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Aug 12, 2018

I am hoping for some advice!

I have a flock of 18 with 2 roosters. I have 5 silkies and other breeds like Pekins and some hybrids.

It’s been awful weather in the UK with rain at the moment and the silkies keep getting drenched!

They have plenty of shelter but unlike the others they seem to stay in the rain and not go into the Shed or Coup that they have open all day?

I don’t like keeping them inside but don’t know what else to do to keep them dry.

Is the wet really bad for silkies or wil a bit of rain not harm them? They look like drenched rats! I have to towel dry them every time it rains.

Thank you!
All you can do is provide a dry option. If they choose to be wet I wouldn't worry, they know better about how they feel. I personally didn't find silkies any less hardy than other breeds.
I think its kind of a mixed answer with silkies being cold hardy or heat hardy. Some people say they do great in the cold but some peoples silkies are freezing to death.
My silkies do pretty bad in the cold.

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