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  1. How do you keep track of breedings in your flock? I've haven't exactly pinned down a method that I like yet. I've seen people number eggs and then log them in books. I've seen the leg bands thing, the wing bands thing, and all kinds of other stuff. I've even downloaded the free trial version of ZooEasy. Anyone have anything different that they do?
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    Apr 30, 2007
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    We use zip ties for the different pens. For example we had 2 pens of white wyandottes this year. One pen we banded yellow and the other was black. We went through and kept a couple and will be penning them up with birds from the other pen next year. We keep track of all of that. Last year we used pink on some. Some years when we run out of colors we do it on a certain leg like all barred wyandottes from this year will be banded in blue on the left leg. I like the zip ties because they dont fall off that easy, they are cheap, and easy to find.
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    Oct 5, 2007
    If I do start breeding I will use pencil on eggs and then nail polish on chicks and then colored zip ties on adults and juveniles.

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    I just hatched out my 2nd generation and I pretty much plan on doing zip ties. I'll log on my computer which color is which.
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    I plan on using the zip ties and if I run out of colors with them then I can use the same color but on a different leg. If I run out of legs, then I have too many birds! Kidding! I will have different pens for different birds breeding with roos.
    Different systems work for different people. You just have to find or combine ideas that would work for you.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    toe punches-numbered leg bands combined with coloured cable ties and accurate written records

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