Keeping turkeys with geese and ducks.


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
So I know many people don't keep turkeys with chickens because disease can be spread between them (example: blackhead). But is the same true between waterfowl and turkeys. I'm considering extending my waterfowl pasture but I wanted to get some Bourbon red turkeys later down the road and can't figure out were to put a shelter and run for them if I give the geese more room. So I was thinking about building a shed and allowing the geese ducks and turkeys to share the area during the day locking the turkeys in their shed at night. If anyone has tried this or is doing this what problems if any have you encountered.
As long as they have plenty of space... I don't like to lock waterfowl and turkeys in the same pen just because waterfowl are real slobs with the water and make a mucky mess.
I know what you mean about their water I give them swimming water and a separate drinking water that they can't fit into it still gets dirty from mud and feed filled bills but at least its "fresh" (I wash it out multiple times a day) and they have access to poop free water they drink out of both but a lot more out of the poop-free water for sure. They'd have a lot of space and I will probably build a raised platform or deck to offer really clean water and turkey specific feed. So the turkeys could have a non-soggy dinning area during the day, plus I'd feed them in their coop before they went out in the morning and possibly before they roost if they are willing to follow the plan...key word is "IF" birds always seem to have other ideas when you want them to do something.
We've had two geese for 7 years then recetnly rescued a turkey. Well the geese are extremely territorial so we cut the geese yard in half. They have a closed in area, this is the one we split, and they have access to our entire back yard during the day. As long as the turkey doesn't get to close to the fence the geese won't bother him, they are brats. The turkey has water in his coop and water in a bucket outside. One day I go in and its full of mud. I'm like scratching my head wondering how that happened. I clean the bucket and as I walk away I look back and Betty one goose has her head through the fence rinsing her face. Not like they don't have two drinking water buckets and a pool all for themselves. I'd be nervouse the turkey would never have clean water.
My turkeys and ducks ignore each other.

The geese do not like the turkeys and don't want turkeys anywhere near them. Since the geese act as a team and they are big enough to do damage, I keep the turkeys and geese separated. The turks seem to be oblivious to threats and will walk right up to the hissing geese. Not really the safest place for the turks to be.
X4 They are very messy birds with water, but lots of fun, too !
They are messy, but still fun, I love my geese and they think I'm part of the flock...most of the time, they even come to my aid when they think someone is threatening me, wheel barrows and grocery bags are out to kill their defenseless old goose mother and must be threatened with ear drum busting honking and calculated pinching. I suppose after reading what I just wrote I can kind of understand why the rest of my family does not love the geese, lol.

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