Keeping Water from Freezing


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Jun 7, 2009
Getting ready for winter and wondering if anyone has any ideas for newbie on how to keep water from freezing...only 3 birds in my coop and i keep a large waterer outside in the run and a waterbottle suspended in the coop.
I bought a metal disk thats heated with electricity. (Looks like a metal pan for draining oil or a pet dish). I put a blk rubber pan (they come in all sizes) on top of it. Its whats worked for me for years. Sorry I don't have a pic.
I just got done reading 5 different threads on the subject today. I'd get the links for you, but I'm a little burnt out on it at the moment. Just go up into the search and you'll find them. That's how I found them. Lots of great ideas! Depending on what your Winters are like, there's something for everyone.

I live in Minnesota, so I get cold Winters that can get as low as -40. I'm planning on having my water outside the coop, in a sheltered area under the coop. I'm going to use a wide flat cooler bottle like the kind you freeze with water in it for your coolers. I'm planning on sealing the cord of an aquarium heater through the cap. Once that's assembled I'm going to insulate it and use it as a platform for the water dish for the chickens (with a few customizations to secure the waterer). The heater I'm going to use will be one of the newer styles that will turn off automatically when its out of water and is shatter proof.

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