Keeping your flock out of the flowers....suggestions??!!

Yard full o' rocks

10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
Cartersville, Georgia
We live out in the country on several acres and I allow one flock or the other to free range daily. I also love to work in my yard, especially sprucing up the flower beds each year (can't wait for warmer weather to return!!)

Anyway, does anyone have suggestions for keeping my chooks OUT OF MY FLOWERS??? I've heard tales that chickens "won't cross a blue line", use this or that....really looking for something to deter them shy of keeping them locked up all Spring/Summer.

Does anyone know anything that works?


Boy, I wish I knew what to tell you, mine work on our landscaping all day every day. We have noticed that they "weedeat" along our fence line which is a bonus!
Hope someone can give you some good advice!
Yikes, the only way I know of is to fence off the flowers! Have chicken, will travel.

I'm afraid you may need to put up with it and appreciate the pest contol otherwise!

And I hear ya about working in the yard...I've got the gardening itch BAD and have some herb seedlings germinating. Come on, Spring!
Plant vegetables!

Kidding aside, what about a multi-strand barb wire. Don't know how much area you're talking about so that might not be feasible.

Maybe someone will know of a substance that's a natural repellent to chickens. Hope you get some answers so I can copy! We've got a big vegetable garden and I want to put out flowers too.
You have to physically keep them out. They are why my hosta beds are sparse now and why my three beds of lambs ear that dress up my rose plants are all eaten away. Without a fence, no way to keep them out.

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