Keet peeing blood ?


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5 Years
Sep 13, 2014
My smallest keet just peed what appears to be blood on my finger while sitting on my hand, eating meal worms from the other hand...what causes this ?? He appears normal, eating from the feeder and swimming from the waterer with the other five keets...what should I do ?
I am feeding them a mixture of half medicated crumbles and half gamebird crumbles...the medicated didn't have enough protien...he only did it once, and seems fine....
It could be coccidiosis. If only half of his feed has the amprolium in it, he may not be getting enough of the coccidiostat to control the reproduction of cocci in his body. You might try reducing the amount of the gamebird crumbles for awhile to see if that helps, but I wouldn't wait too long before treating your flock with Corid (9.6% amprolium) if you don't notice improvement soon.
It was just one meet out of six...and only one time...going to switch back to medicated for a few days...they have REALLY grown on the gamebird mix...except the one that I mentioned...he is apparently going to be the runt... but he's scrappy and seems to be the smartest...not that that's saying a lot...but I could be biased...Lol...he's the one with the white breast and cheeks....
How vicious do pecking order fights get ? I had to physically separate the two largest keets last night...I swear they were trying to peck each other's eyes out ! After a time out, they were calmer....
The coop is finished !! My keets spent last night outside...they seemed bright eyed and bushy tailed...relatively later....

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