kent's x-tra egg ? (pullets)


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Oct 3, 2009
mesick michigan
i live in northern michigan and have been looking for a grower for my pullets that will be 12 weeks the end of october. now my only problem is that the only good feed i can find is kent every thing else is purinia .i need a grower and kent only has this x-tra egg at 16% protien. what should i do
if any one knows of a better grower that i can buy close to travers city michigan.
please let me know
They should be on Home Fresh Chick-Go till they are laying then you can switch them to the Extra-Egg 16. Extra-Egg 16 is a Layer..

I use FlockRaiser Purina . I have not had a problem with it. I offer oyster shell free choice I feed hens roosters and chicks the same thing as they are all together. you can feed them scrambled egg or hard cooked. are they outside?
I use Flock Raiser, purina, for all my birds, hens, rooster, and chicks as they are all together. Oyster shell on the side. scrambled or hard boiled eggs are good as treats, are they out side?
i agree but i think they only make it medicated. ill look in to it thanks

Here is a Quote from Kent Feeds web page.
Home Fresh
is a complete, balanced, 20% protein, high-energy corn diet designed specifically for developing pullets and broilers. Chick-Go
has guaranteed levels of essential amino acids to promote growth and reproduction as well as healthy skin and feathers. A specific vitamin D3 source strengthens bones and improves livability. Selenium yeast helps birds maintain a vigorous immune system and basic cellular health. As an added bonus, Chick-Go
incorporates a natural ingredient that helps sustain air-quality in an enclosed environment.
Feeding Directions
Replacement Chicks: Feed continuously as sole diet until replacement birds are 18 weeks of age. At this time they can be switched to Kent Extra Egg 16.
Broilers: Feed as the sole ration from day one to finish.

A lot of people don't like to use Purina feeds do to they use all plant protein (soy bean) and don't use animal protein.
Animal protein is much easier for poultry to digest than soy bean and better for them..

To be honest I would never feed Purina but that is just me...

unfortunaly i have to agree about the purinia feed.
i have used it and my birds did seem well once i switched they are doing much better plus they do not eat as much as they are satified. and even if other feeds cost more i think in the long run you will save on less health problems, better egg production, ect
be carefull purina also make a generic chicken feed sold by tractor supply. look what company bags your feed youll be surprise names can be fooling you.

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