Keyword search engine needed for BuySellAuction archive Section please


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For the BSA section, I suggest that the key words be available for a search. Currently it only searches by the author of the post.

I just did a search for turkey and I get nothing.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this suggestion..

Thanks so much and have a blessed day.

See my post several below.........we need a search engine for the Buy Sell Auction Archive Section please...
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Hi Nancy! Try 'turkey*' and see if that makes a difference.

edit: Didn't help. Maybe search is broke?
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Hi Lisa, it's not working for me....

for the Buy Sell Auction section, unfortunately

I can search turkey and other postings not BSA section work just fine....

It would really make it easier for folks to find without having to clog up wtb with what they are looking for if they could word search
turkey, RIR, etc, etc,

Good to see you on line!!!

I'm getting eggs from my flock from you!!! Some in the incubator....Wahoo!

Have a blessed day.
Possibly no turkeys listed right now? I did it in Other Poultry and just got old threads.
No I have turkey eggs posted every where....HA! So it's just not picking up anything for archives

Type bantam for example nothing. I typed in a title and no results...

Actually it looks like there is no search engine availability for any of the auctions....

That's too bad.....It would really help....Maybe this is in the plans....

Okay, I modify my recommendation.....we need a search engine for the Buy Sell Auction archive Section please.....

I think it would be helpful for the archives to be searchable for byc'ers so they can see what's out there without having to scroll through "old" posts.....

Currently it will only be searchable by the author of the post, not turkey for example.

Just my thoughts.....

I know I'd like it and it would be such a time saver!
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