Khaki Campbell with what we think is broken leg

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    May 3, 2009
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    Went to dinner last night and came back to a massacre...4 of our 6 dogs got loose and went on a rampage, final toll, 4 dead(3 silkies and 1 duck) and 4 injured ducks...A one month old Khaki has one leg that just hangs down, no obvious break so thinking it may be the hip or dislocated...How can we tell if it's just dislocated or has a broken hip...We just started working thru the injuries as we spent most of night trying to nurse to badly hurt silkies back but lost the battle...Any and all advise would be extremely appreciated...We're devastated...........
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    Im so sorry,[​IMG] I would probaly take them to a vet in your area and have it fixed. Leaving it will only make the problem worse and put the duck through pain.

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