Khaki duck with a knot on her ankle

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  1. sandhollerlyn

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    Feb 3, 2016
    Dale, TX
    One of my Khaki ducks accidently got hit with a tomato & has a knot on her "ankle" & is limping really bad. she still eats & drinks & swims. She just has a hard time getting around & keeping up with the other girls.
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    Jan 26, 2007
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    Hello, welcome. I probably don't want to know how she could have gotten hit so hard with a tomato as to cause a lump, and lameness. That must be one heck of a hard tomato, is all I can say. If she is so lame she can't keep up, she is in danger of becoming a predator's lunch, too. Put her in a small pen that restricts her movement, and give her baby aspirin three times a day, in a treat.
  3. sandhollerlyn

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    Feb 3, 2016
    Dale, TX
    It was a freak accident with the tomato. My 4 yr. old grandson was helping PaPa clear out the hard tomatoes that didn't make & he tossed the same time all 6 ducks were waddling past. He cries ever time he sees her. I will try the baby asprin. Thanks
  4. Amiga

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    Please come over to the Duck Forum, we have a number of experienced people willing to help with duck issues.

    One thing you can do is make an Epsom salt compress (don't let them ingest it - it is a laxative), wrapping the leg a few times a day initially.

    Aspirin is iffy - some people have used it, but some sources suggest it's not the best.

    hennible's vet said ibuprofen was okay for waterfowl.

    I use an ointment called T-Relief for sprains and joint problems. Just rub a dab into the leg.

    from my notes -
    For ducks 6-8 lbs 25-40mg twice daily adult tablets cut up or children's liquid Advil 1.5ml twice daily, orally.

    Amiga’s arithmetic – 8 pounds 40 mg is 5 mg per pound
    6 pounds 25 mg, is just over 4 mg per pound

    so, 4 to 5 mg per pound of duck


    There is also a prescription anti-inflammatory, I think it's called Rimadyl - you may want to have the leg looked at and get some help there, if possible.

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