Kids opened the bator and its day 20, egg started to pip 20 min later!!


7 Years
Jul 11, 2012
Apollo Pa, 15613
Hi everyone!!! It has been soooo long since I spoke to all yall. Ok so!!!! This is my 2nd time hatching eggs in my bator ( Havo Bator ) and the first time 9 out of my 10 eggs hatched!!
This time I have 14 in there and on day 19 when I went in lock down I candled them all and everyone was moving.... NOW, my little stinker opened the bator and the temp and humidity dropped
, but once it was shut it went right back up real fast. Mine has a fan in it I think it helps. Ok so she opened it and its day 20, everything dropped but went right back up.... BUT THEN I had an egg pip after about 20 minutes!! Has this happened to anyone before
? I hope I wont have any shrink wrapped babies!! Its peeping at me so that's a big plus! Any info???

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