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Jul 10, 2015
I hate this, even if it's from someone I consider a friend. I always hear "you look so pretty when you smile" as I only look pretty when I'm smiling. Sometimes there's nothing to smile about. Whenever this happens I just get the mental image of one of the first episodes of The Family Guy where Meg meets the creepy cult girl, who's always smiling. That's how I feel they want me to look when they tell me to smile more.
I'm a very giggly kind of person. The way I see it, if I'm not smiling in your company then the problem is probably you, not me. 😋


May 7, 2020
Clearwater, Florida
It's pretty sad these days a legitimate compliment can be taken as sexual harassment. I feel sorry for younger people. They're prolly scared to say anything
Probably has to do with the fact that people get offended over every little thing. You say something and someone doesn't understand then they demonize it. People now days have to toughen up and not get so caught up in other people's opinions.
I say that as though I've been around before the 2000s 😂


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May 2, 2020
Smalltown, West Virginia
So far I've locked the keys IN the car, left the headlights on and had to go in my clients house to get her to help me jump it (and of course shes the type who doesnt do things like that so it was super awkward), backed into people twice (once when I learning to drive and the other time on my driver's test), cars have left me sit numerous times, and now can't get INTO the car. Thank God though, I have never been in an accident.

Ursuline Chick

Crossing the Road
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Jul 21, 2017
We are using something called Classlink and through Classlink they are using Google stuff like Google Meet for live video feeds.

They all stay on camera all day so they can talk to each other.
That's close to what DD did at the end of last year. You could see all the girls in your class, and converse, etc almost like an actual classroom.
It worked out well for her. Grades dipped a bit at first until they all got the hang of it and everything went back to as normal as possible.
They are working from home every other day and in school every other day.
Today was the first day back at actual school, the last 2 days have been on line.
They even have face masks for school that match their uniforms. :th
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