Kiki's White Trash and or Nerdy Birthday Bash Funeral

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Jan 18, 2008
Shark week starts August 9 on DTV.
Thank you for this!! I love Shark Week! :D
:lau it’s perfect right!? Reckless Giles is pretty funny too! 😂🤣
It fits right in with her previous title which was something like "Free the ferrets".
Yesssss!!! Release The Ferrets! I forgot about that one tbh 😂🤣🙈

Much better! We’ll just hope everyone forgets the first name:

Ursuline Chick

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Jul 21, 2017
Oh yes. Sad about Dan2 not working out.

I don't know. My department royally screwed me over this semester. I understand it's shitty for everyone—including my advisor who really let me down—so I've said my piece and I'm trying to implement a backup plan.
Anyway, our schedule is still subject to change at any time. As far as I know, only one of my classes is in person (although every class has a remote option available).
So sorry this is messing with your life, somehow it seems so unfair to everyone, and as you stated it is everyone in someway.
DD planed to get a job this summer, so much for that, no one is hiring high school kids this summer, hell at least half the city is in the tourist trade and has no job. Tourist areas are going out of business, Our zoo and such are about to go under and are asking for aid, ever though they are open (no one is attending). DD schedule for her senior year is FUBARED. Her BF who graduated this year finally got his diploma last week!!.
And the big laugh, I got screwed over by my job and I am a Registered Nurse. All i can do is laugh at all the stressed out stupidity. :lau
I hope things start working out better for you @Tesumph As I do for all who are trying to get through this crap.
Now I have said my piece and will move on to try to keep things together and be thankful of what i do have. Good luck y'all :fl:fl:fl
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