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    What in the world possesses a chicken to do the things that they do? I am not excessively tall at six foot but last night a six month old hen leaped up on my shoulder. I was sort of shocked that the fat lady, a buff orpington could fly that high. I stood there wondering how to get this dumb chicken off of me since I cant see it perched on the back part of my shoulder. The next thing I know is it is doing its best to tear my ear off of my head. I tried to flap my hand behind my head to scare it a bit and make it stop. So then I stand there again trying to figure out how to get it off of me without injuring it and while I am thinking about that it tries again to rip my ear in half. At that point I was less concerned with its health and more concerned with my ear. I am thankful that no neighbors saw a grown man running around flailing his hands behind his head trying to get the dang thing off. Long story short, I am going to watch that bird very carefully. Today I have a nice rip and scab to show off.

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    Your ear must have looked delicious! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:OMG! May e you can hire her out as an attack hen?!

    I'm sorry you got injured! One of our hens went through an earring stealing phase. Would jump up on the shoulder and complete a snatch and grab before the bejeweled had any idea what hit em. Was your ear sparkly?? [​IMG]
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    I've read that jumping on shoulders or heads is dominance behavior -- though that would be odd for a Buff Orp.

    Wishing your ear well! Next time we want a video....

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    Maybe she views your head separate from your body, like a small funny looking chicken perched on top
    of a wobbly tree. You don't happen to have a chicken-like voice do you??
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    Well, good luck with that chicken. I would not be surprised if he tries again.[​IMG]
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    Wear a hat, one with a rim or bill that makes your shoulder less accessible. Remove your earring if you have one. They have good eyesight, and I suspect there was something on your ear that caught her attention, freckles if nothing else. My younger chickens go after the skin tabs on my neck during the summer when I wear tank tops. Chickens are quick to spot the unusual or perhaps not natural, such as jewelry or nail polish. My rings live in the jewelry box, I don't want to have to harvest a hen to get my diamond back, and I've read several times where an earring was gone in a single gulp.

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    [​IMG] oh, yes, and sorry about your ear! Those big buffy's are a real scream! You'll really have to watch for her now - the scab will make you even more appealing! [​IMG]
  9. I had a BO that would jump onto my shoulder about anytime she could. But she never attacked me, she just sat there like a fat parrot.
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    Of all my flock members, only one ever did that to me, Molly the BA, and only when she was young and less weighty. But she's one of my mumblers, always making some sort of whiny noises as if she's worried about something. It's like having a small devil on the left shoulder, without the angel on the right to steer ya straight.

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