6 Years
Apr 6, 2013
Yes, I`m talking about my little Phoenix, whodaknown?

I haven`t been online a couple of years and Phoenix is now three years old.
His original sin...er...crime was committed as a cockerel. Jumping on my shoulder and yelling in my ear, because he objected to my holding a hen. Outside of cussing me, he did nothing of a physical nature to me.
However, some chicken experts in these vast forums prophesied that what Phoenix did predestined [?] him turning into a vicious attack monster.
The advice from the wise was even stranger, not to mention completely outside my own value system - how I treat other living creatures. So I disregarded the sage advice and tuned into my companion chickens instead.

Phoenix would not deliver any [more] aggression. Ever.

After all this time I could not resist offering an update on the story.
Phoenix is a total gentleman, never even pecked a hen. Or me or other humans.
Plus he has no problem with me picking up and holding hens, or him.
His personality is very sweet and kind and caring.

Methinks it is a good thing at times that humans who fancy themselves to be prophets are revealed to be false ones.

I suspect my little companion chickens are rather odd, like me.
Each has their own mind, their own ideas, their own likes and dislikes.
They communicate well and are a joy to be around.
But to realize these facts, and that they are not merely creatures to be exploited, one has to be able to look beneath those feathers.
Just as one has to look beneath the skin of human beings.


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