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Mar 5, 2019
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I don't have a rooster YET BUT have plans for one.Trying to wait until my flocks a little older,laying good and get the proper set up here. I'm considering getting a genetic Hackle rooster .Heres a photo of one...
That is a handsome bird, I'd never heard of this breed before. Good luck to you!
Nov 11, 2020
West Virginia
That is a handsome bird, I'd never heard of this breed before. Good luck to you!
Genetic Hackle roosters are harvested in the US for their feathers.They don't lay many eggs. Most countries just harvest feathers periodically .These specially bred roosters have been raised for centuries just for harvesting feathers. I'm not interesting in harvesting any of their feathers for selling,only preserving the breed.


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Nov 18, 2007
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I have posted this previously. We are rural on a dead end road and have been the recipients of others catch and and release. Not all have been bad but most have been. Here it is illegal to release unless you have the property owners permission which is never done. When I catch a predator that has killed any of my birds I do eliminate it and there is always more predators that eventually show up since eliminating. Because of my security measures they are more cautious and pretty much steer clear of the coops and pens. I have electric wires around my coops and pens, concrete under the gates and good heavy duty netting covering all of the pens. If anything does make an attempt, it is quickly aborted. This is one of the releases here. I'm glad I got to it before a predator did.


Oct 20, 2020
Central Texas
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Hi everyone. We have a flock of 5 (was 6 but one was killed yesterday by a bobcat) hens in upstate NY. Before I got chickens, I was always against killing animals even if they caused damage. Now that I have chickens and just last night experienced the nightmare of losing one to a predator, my feelings are changing. My husband is for trapping and killing the bobcat. I am on the fence but leaning towards killing it because I am so disturbed about how it killed our beloved chicken and worried about it doing more in the future.

Just interested in reading the thoughts and opinions of others on this issue: killing predators of backyard flocks. Have you done it before? Chosen not to? Etc.
Yes, I had had a coyote take one of my hens, it came back the next day and I shot it. I also have warned my neighbors about their loose dogs(don't get me wrong I have and love dogs...BUT)if I catch them in my yard I'll shoot them. 1 warning is all they get, and they understood completely because I haven't had any dogs in my yard since except my own.


Jul 31, 2017
New England, U.S.
Because they'll take eggs and chicks if they get half a chance
If the eggs and chicks are left unprotected, sure.
When I hear the crows making a racket I'll go out and wait until they quieten back down.They're as reliable as any guardian dog for alerts and louder than some.
Indeed. I've never had a hawk kill a chicken (and we have plenty of hawks) and I think it's because a family of crows lives on our property.

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