Kinda New with Crowing Isa Brown Hen!


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Feb 14, 2011
Broadford, Victoria, Australia
Hello all,

I am kinda new here and I have an Isa Brown hen who crows all the time and usually around the same time...Is this normal? I have only 3 hens in total and she is the only one who does it...I though only roosters crowed and she is 100% hen!


You know, I have heard other members say they have a hen that crows. It's unusual, but not unheard of. She is probably at the top of the pecking order of your hens, I'll bet. (She's probably the leader.)
Hi, I use to have a White Crested Blue Polish hen that crowed, she did it a lot. I have raised hundreds of chickens and I dare to say she was the only one I have ever had. It is not real common, but it sometimes happens.
Thanks I though it was a bit weird. We started off with 2 hens which hasn't been around roosters before and then we rescued this hen from a farm who was with roosters a lot...I was told that perhaps because she has come from that environment into this one with no roosters that she has taken on the role herself...Like she is gender confused...Could this happen?
from Ohio
I myself havent' had any hens crowing but have heard of this. Maybe she is just wanting some attention lol. It is probley because there isn't a rooster in the place. If you got a rooster, I would say she would stop.

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