kindest medium-large breed rooster?


Sep 20, 2019
i’m looking for a breed that is generally considerate to their owner and hens but will still look out for danger and defend. i’m torn between salmon faverolle, speckled sussex, jersey giant and ameraucana, but i’m open to other suggestions. i’m kind of interested in brahmas but the way the roosters walk freaks me out lol. tyia
I would suggest Sumatras, but the cockerels can be human aggressive, I have one that thinks he's all big, & bad. He's named Demon for a reason.

My First Sumatra cockerel was friendly, but shy, which was better then my second one.
I've gotten nothing but nice guys out of the LF, they've been one breed that has given me no trouble whatsoever and treated the hens and chicks well.
They are also one of the few that allow me to keep more than one rooster with no issues and it seems like that personality carries over even when they cross breed.
Never had much luck with bantam anything, they always want to challenge me lol.
I think the little man syndrome is just too powerful to overcome.:)
Oddly enough, I had a trio of salmon Faverolle bantams and the rooster was one of the meanest I've ever had. Who would have thought. A LF rooster from years ago was sweet.
I have 2 roosters a buff and an EE. The buff is oddly aggressive toward my kids. I got him when he was about a year old so he may have had some bad experience with kids. The EE is awesome doesn't show any aggression toward anyone . Just struts around with his ladies.
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