King snake.. good or bad


9 Years
Oct 23, 2010
forgetting the idea that the only good snake is a dead snake.. We discovered one close to the coop yesterday. My neighbor says that it is after the mice that are eating the chicken food.. is that all it might be after?? How about my eggs and chicks.



True, they might go for eggs or chicks. I collect eggs every couple of hours and keep chicks caged until they get pretty big. BUT- a true king snake will kill other snakes, including the venomous ones.
King snakes also kill and eat poisonous snakes! So I would tolerate him until I actually see him eating egg now and then wouldn't bother me. I think the mice and poisonous snake killing would outweigh an occassional egg eating.
We caught one yesterday too. We relocated it some 10 acres over to a creek. They WILL eat your chicks and eggs and try to eat your bantams.
Found one a couple years back trying to swallow a silkie hen with chicks. The snake had the hens whole head and neck swallowed. Luckily the chicks were SO loud I knew something was up and caught it in the act. It did not kill her. She was covered in snake spit and her top knot never grew back from the tooth damage. We relocated it too. If the meal fits they will eat it.
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GOOD! I would like to have one around my little farm. Though they may occassionally take an egg, not necessarily a chicken because they are not known for being aggressive...I can take the loss of a few eggs in return for protection from rodents and other snakes.
I LOATHE snakes, however, Spotted Kings are welcome here for the reasons mentioned above. Let him stay, pick up your eggs and protect your chicks and he will be an asset for you.

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