KNOXVILLE, TN hatching eggs wanted

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    I've got a total of broody 4 hens right now and 2 are just sitting on golf balls. Im not really intersted in crossbred birds, gaming breeds or cochins but just about anything else would be ok. Duck, guinea, phesant, peacock or even quail eggs would be ok too. Im not really interested in purchasing shipped eggs due to the extra cost. What I guess I really want is just some inexpensive eggs that will hatch so these cochin hens won't be sitting for nothing. Just about any chicken breed would be ok as long as adults they will get along with my present birds. [​IMG]
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    Mar 6, 2008
    East Tennessee
    I see you are from Clinton, I live above LaFollette. Surely U could find someone that sells farm eggs around there. If not, then I would call the Co-op there in Clinton I'm sure they would help U find some contacts. I would say they sell alot of chicken feed there. My last fertile eggs are going in the incubator wednesday, but these gas prices U cant drive too far if the eggs were free!

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