Konichiwa from Texas- Wait, what?


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9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Fort Worth
Okay, so I'm not Japanese, but I love the language and their anime.
For nine years I went to the best private school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I now outdo all of my friends/online classmates in Online gaming and Spanish.
I am learning to drive and also working on getting my highschool diploma because I find school boring and want a decent job for now.
My father died when I was only nine years old due to a massive heart attack. I walked into the room to find him laying on the floor, dead. Since then I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, severe chronic depression, trichotillomania (hair pulling) and chronic high anxiety.
But, ever since I got my runner ducklings, I haven't pulled out my hair or had breakdowns. Not once.
I am very happy with my new ducks and (hopefully) chicks.

Some quailities about me:
-Loyal friend
-I speak out when something is wrong
-I like to help others
-I love animals (except coyotes- one attacked and killed my favorite cat)
-I wish to be a programmer when I grow up, and write books in the pasttime (I am great a writing thanks to Asperger's Syndrome)
-I have Asperger's Syndrome, or the lack of understanding social cues and body language. I have recognized that I watch people's lips instead of eye contact, but I am working on that and have gotten significantly better at eye contact.

I hope you understand my story and can be my friend!

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from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us! I'm so sorry about the loss of your dad.
I can only imagine the pain you've been in.
Its wonderful that you've found so much love from your new ducks!! Aren't feathered friends great? Thats what I always say about my chickens. They bring me much happiness and peace in my life.

You must be a very smart 15y/o!! Wow, to be getting a highschool diploma already!!
I'm sure you will do a fantastic job being a programmer, you've got lots of determination, and thats what it takes, good for you!!!

Please keep us posted on your ducklings, and when you get some chicks!! You will love being on BYC, so much to learn, and so many nice folks here too!!
from Ohio. So glad to meet you. I have always believed in the power of animals for healing the soul. You will have to show us pics of your ducks. Good luck.

I have a daughter who also loves the Japanese language and anime. She loved it so much that she studied International Studies & Japanese in college, spent her sophomore year studying abroad at Surugadai University in Japan and finally moving to Japan after graduation where she is currently teaching English in a middle school in northern Japan. She is living her dream!

Always remember that you can do almost anything if you really want to!

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