Kuhl - Automatic Plus One Hanging Waterer - Plus-One Does anyone know?


11 Years
Jan 18, 2009
Cut and Shoot, Texas
I have this waterer, I baught it at a local flea market, I can't figure out how to make it work. Does anyone know how to hook it up or make it work. Mine just runs and runs, it is suppossed to shut off on its own but it doesn't right now. Thanks for any help yall can give. Bonny
The Kuhl Plus One waterer is very easy to use as long as the one you bought is complete. The bell should open to allow you to fill it with ballast. The valve allows water to flow as water is drunk from the rim. The hose as sold comes with a clamp for attaching as a saddle tee on pvc water pipe, however you don't have to use it. I have a hanging water and use a barbed fitting to attach the tubing to a 10 gal water pail.

Thanks for yalls help. How do I get it apart to fill the balast, I don't want to break it, that is if it isn't already broken. And does it have to hang or can you make adjustments so that is can be placed on the ground or will that prevent it from working properly?

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