KY Permit Requirements for Quail but not Pheasant

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    This is what I received from the KY Fish and Wildlife.....

    Thanks for calling. The link below will direct you to our information page on the transportation and holding of native wildlife. Here you will find basic information, the application documents, and a link to detailed regulations: The Bobwhite Quail are native wildlife, while the pheasants are an exotic species. This means a captive wildlife permit is required to hold the quail, while no permit is needed to hold the pheasant. An exception to the captive wildlife permit for the quail is if you hold 50 or less and do not sell or propagate them, this may be done with no holding permit. Any wildlife, native or exotic, will require a transportation permit to import from out-of-state (this includes hatching eggs). If you buy your birds within KY no transportation permit will be needed. Below is an additional link to our regulation concerning transportation and holding of exotic wildlife (pheasants), in case you need it. Section 5 explains the need of a transportation permit for exotic wildlife and section 10 states that it is illegal to release exotic wildlife into the wild with the exception of pheasant and chukar. Hope this helps. If you need more information, just let me know.
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