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    Feb 19, 2017
    Wondering if anyone has had success converting a lab incubator to one for hatching? There's a cabinet incubator on a local sale site for $50. They have it listed under farm stuff but when I asked they hadn't hatched anything in it. It has several racks that turners could be either placed or fabricated. It has a heater and thermostat and fan.


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    I guess anything can be done---if you put enough time in it. As long as it is thermostat controlled to the proper temp(so you do not have to set that up too---It can probably be made to hatch---never done it though. I took a free sheet of plywood, $23 for a wafer thermostat, $25 for a heater coil with insulators, 2 fans I already had and sawed the plywood into measured pieces, put it together and painted with some paint I had. I could have constructed 4 shelves to hatch with but instead I made 4 trays and I have hatched about 7000 in this $60(hinges and latches included)hatcher so far.
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