Labored breathing..any help is appreciated


Aug 28, 2019
Hi everyone..I help my son take care of his chickens and unfortunately his 5 month old boy is sick.

It started off with him losing his crow (we read puberty) but about 5 days after he stopped eating and started having a hard time breathing..he stretches his head up and outward to exhale.

We started giving him amoxicillin water and I read about VetRx and got a bottle which I mixed and rubbed under his wings and on his head and gave a few drops at night and he slept in my room so I could watch his breathing over night.

Next day he was breathing better but continued with everything and feed store friend suggested amoxicillin pill. So we gave him that too and let him sleep back outside (secluded of course).

But today he’s breathing heavy again and lifting his head to exhale.
Any suggestions pls...
Sorry and to add now his comb is a dark red and I saw a small white spot in the inside corner of his beak. Thanks

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