Labored breathing- need help!

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    I have a Faverolle hen that seems fine except for her chirping/wheezing/labored type breathing. She is eating/drinking so far. She has just today been shaking her head a bit. She is about 2-2 1/2 YO. We are in FL so the heat and humidity are very high. We have given her 2-3 drops of Ivermectin down her throat (thinking it is gapeworm?) on Mon and now some vitamins (A_D_E and B). It started Sunday and she seemed improved after we brought her in the house, but today seems a little worse. Even when she seems better you can hear her breathing when you are closer to her. She also gets worse after exerting herself of course- so it has been stressful to give her medication. All of my other hens seem Ok- I am worried because I know the longer this goes on the more likely we will lose her. I ordered some Tylan injectable last night- but it won't be here for a couple of days. I have researched and researched- but I see where it says gapeworms arent common but it matches the symptoms, I have looked for upper respiratory, but she has nothing coming from her nose or eyes... I have spoken to a vet that is an avian specialist but doesn't deal with chickens regularly and still no conclusion. Please help if you can.. I am at a loss. Is it possible we didnt give her enough Ivermectin? I read in the chicken health handbook that for a bantam they should get 7 drops- but to be careful ecause it can be toxic to the chickens system. Yet, I ordered it from First State and the directions say 2-3 drops down the throat. I dont see any mites or bugs on her. Thanks for any advice...
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