Labored/Odd breathing...what is wrong?


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Jan 13, 2010
Fairfield, Maine
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My Coop
I have a columbian wyandotte chick that will be 5 weeks in a couple of days. It is active; eats, drinks, and runs around with the 22 others in the brooder.

About a week ago (maybe more?) I noticed that when it was sleeping, it's body heaved up and down making the breathing look labored. At the time, it did not worry me because they all seem to heave up and down when they sleep. This one, my only Columbian wyandotte breed, seems to heave more than the others, though.

Today, I was watching it sleeping and I noticed under his beak it is inflating and deflating with each breath, - like a bellows. It's beak is closed, but maybe it is breathing through the back of it's mouth? I noticed this little bellows-effect is going on even while it is up and running around, but I don't see this on any of the other chickens. It acts healthy in every other way.

The brooder has pine wood chips. It is dirty in there right now, - we are moving them to the big coop today.

Does this sound like something serious? Should I separate this chick? Or is this something normal for wyandottes? I've never raised chickens before, and would appreciate any advice. This chick has me concerned.


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