Lack of eggs??


11 Years
Sep 21, 2010
Hanover PA
I have 3 out of 5 hens currently laying. My two Bantam's should be laying in November (I hope). I am currently getting one egg about every other day. I use to get 1-2 eggs per day. I have put a 40 watt light in the coop now to come on about 4 am (3hrs) before our sunrise time now. This has only been in for the last two days with no changes. Is there anything I can do to increase egg production? Also, what is a great treat I can give my girls to tell show them how much I love them. I give them bread a couple times a week but I feel liker thats boring!
Southern PA
I give mine cat food with the bread crumbs. I soak 1 cup cat food in 1/2 cup hot water till its soft and mix it with the bread. They love it
and it adds a whole bunch of protien.
Thanks. Do you think that the added protien will help the egg slow down situation. I feed them the most expensive food TSC carries for good egg production. I think its purina or Iams for egg laying.
My girls really enjoy mac & cheese table scraps. Though they did dive into the 5 day old chili too. Oh heck, unlike my partners children my girls eat everything I cook

Laying mixes will vary in make up and are determined by experts. The 2 major things being protein and crude fat content. My local Agway is cheaper but sells the 16% protein blend. As I'd made the mistake of getting pellets last week (girls seem to prefer the crumbles) am going to pick up the higher protein crumbles at Blue Seal Feed and mix them together. Think blue seal is 18 or 20% protein. Hopefully it's a higher fat content to aid in the colder coming months too!

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