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    There is just no way for the current coop to pass my security standards, no matter the upgrades my husband and I have talked about, I won't be comfortable leaving them out there over night in the current coop.

    The current coop has been painted, and matches the decor of the garden it's attached to, I don't want to remove it. So I'm thinking of just putting in a secure night time coop that they can be "herded" into at night. I image herding them into a coop isn't going to be anymore difficult than doing what I do now, chase, catch, bring in living room, listen to them complain about being indoors for before settling down for the night, and then carrying them out first thing in the morning and listening to them complain about having been inside all night lol.

    So a night time secure coop, and a day time place to get out of the sun, enjoy ice cubes, and do whatever it is chickens do during the day-time-coop should work out right?
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    Why not enclose it with the run and skirt it? Then you don't even have to do a lock down. There have been a lot of people using the chain link dog run panels (you can buy them as a kit or individually in a variety of sizes) lately, they don't look bad, and you can even use them for the roof panel. It's quick, easy, and you can decorate it with filler strips too.
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    Do you have any pictures of your current coop?? I guess I'm wondering what about it makes it so open to predators???
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    Yup, if you can post a pic maybe we can help you fix it up more secure?

  5. bzbrown

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    Ok, here is pics of the coop and run area. The surrounding yard is enclosed in 6 foot privacy fence. The ramp closes up and locks to the frame of the door. The top has about 2 inches open between wall and roof, which we thought would be good for air movenment (along with the screened window in back), but now the whole thing just looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Oh and I'm aware they can clear the "run" area as one already has....sigh...

    My husband has promised to help me fix it this weekend. The bigger chicks are really getting annoyed me I think, and I just want to give them a nice safe place to be at night...


  6. bryan99705

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    It easy!
    Just change all the COOP wiring to hardware cloth (don't bother with the run) and put a coon proof latch on the door. With that and blocking any gaps bigger that 1 inch in the coop and your fine if you lock your birds up at night. The wood fence will stop the diggers and the secure coop will stop the climbing coons and sorry, but you'll just have to hope the hawks don't find you (although you do have good chicken cover) and relax.

    Now it's time to relax and laugh at your chickens
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    May 22, 2011
    Looks like a nice spread to me! mine's open on top and always has been here in SE Texas, with cloth surrounding the run with an open panel in the coop with no door at all. ive got three dogs that guard the chickens and keep squirrels, coons, and other dogs and cats away so that may be why i havent had any predator problems???? Funny how the dogs assumed ownership of the birds, and it seems theyve taken on the task and even sleep around the coop and run at night. must be something in their DNA.

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