Ladder/Ramp question...


11 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Hillbillyville, MO
I built a poop shelf that is 36 inches off the floor of the coop (8 x 8) and added a ramp they could walk up. The chickens are large breed and are only about 8 weeks. Some have no problem flying up or down to the poop shelf then hop up to the roosts. Some use the ramp to get up and some like to sit on it and everything else. I now look at the ramp as a mess to clean that I could use outside for the pop door I am building today. Of course I want what is best for them in the long run. So my question is, remove or leave it? Thank for your experience.
Well, they may use it more as they mature and grow heavier. At 2-3 months, they're still pretty light and nimble. Some of mine use the ladder, and some do as you say, kind of hop up to the dropping board, and then the roost. So I'd keep it (because I've kept mine
). By the way, as they get older, the ladder won't get pooped up nearly as much - right now they're probably hanging out on it a bit - but that won't happen later. But I'll tell you what I did in my bantam coop. I covered my ladder in shingles (and trimmed of course). It's great, because I just set it outside and hose it off. It's very grippable without the "steps."

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