Ladies, Do you know how to change a tire on your vehicle?

Ladies, do you know how to change a tire on your vehicle?

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Gone Broody
12 Years
Mar 17, 2008
I am curious, ladies, how many of you girls know how to change a tire on your car or truck? Men, feel free to answer for the ladies in your life.

Last time I had a flat, I called someone to rescue me and they told me it wasn't that hard and I could do it myself. I am a very capable woman, but I got pretty upset over that and was wondering how common this knowledge is among women.

Looking into AAA...
i grew up around a lot of boys..

so yes i know how to change my tire and my own oil and put a fan belt on ... sorry i am a tom boy
yep that was the first thing i learned how to do i got my license at 17 i am now 19 and can change my oil too!!!
I know how....

.... wear the right mini skirt with the right heels, smile demurely, and wave for help.

I'm sure I COULD change a tire... but then again, why would I want to when I can get someone else to do it for me?

Capable, yes, perfectly capable to figure out a way to get it done without getting my hands dirty. I'm a firm believer in "if you've got the tools, use 'em". My tools just didn't come from Sears.
I had a 2 year old and a 2 month old in the car, it was the middle of December in northern Indiana, I had no cell phone, and a flat tire. Luckily, the cover on the tire well of my car had instructions on it, so I taught myself. It was also a Friday night and I was in town. Not one person stopped to see if I needed help until I was almost done with it. So yeah, I learned the hard way how to do it, and also learned not to cut corners too closely when the concrete divider hasn't been smoothed out on a new road
Yes I know how uncle believed I needed to know how to do some basic stuff on the car..... Haven't changed a tire in maybe 15 years and would prefer not to do it on my minivan but....

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