Ladies enjoying their new run

They sure do look like they are enjoying their new run! It's always so nice to get them outside and in some fresh air with plenty of stuff to scratch about in :D
Note the extreme joy your chicks are displaying at finally being able to act like real chickens. This just isn't possible when chicks are confined to a small brooder indoors. I used to brood that way, too. Then I discovered outdoor brooding, and my chicks get to act like chickens from their very first day.

If you read my article on outdoor brooding, it will show you all the many benefits it has over indoor brooding, freedom and precocious development being just a couple. It's linked below this post. You may want to consider it for next time you get new chicks. You benefit, too.

There's nothing more gratifying than watching baby chicks become the chickens they are.
Thanks for the replies everyone!

Any idea what breed Amber (the lady sitting on my knee in the bottom picture) is?
She looks identical to Lucy one of my newest four EEs. If her legs and feet are a slate grey or greenish color instead of white or yellow, then she's an EE. (Easter-egger).

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