Lamby pics!


9 Years
Sep 1, 2010
These are this years bottle babies! They come from a farm near mine that occasionally has orphans, triplets, ewe deaths, and rejections. I always get the babies in the spring and raise them, keeping some ewes and selling the rams/whethers. And they are free! I do this every spring, and I just love it! I also get calves throughout the year that need bottling. Anyway, here are some pictures of this years babies, and some babies from last year and the year before that are all grown up!
These are Thumbs so you'll have to click the pic to see it full size.

Remington, my Valentin's Day present from my boyfriend.

Ila V. Ewe born on Valentin's Day.

Little Libby Brown, and odd either calico or merle looking ewe lamb. Very unique.

Clementine my 2 year old ewes first lamb.

Cheeper, my ram that was babied way too much so I had to sell him.


Jack, Jill's brother.

And Rosabell, mother of Clementine.

Hope y'all enjoy!
Adorable! How lucky you are! My husband and I each got a bottle lamb for Valentine's day... it's our first time with them.
some of my happiest-and exhausting- days were with bottle lambs. I love the little lamb leaps and lamb dances.

You all have lots of fun with them and keep posting pictures!
TeamChaos - I'd love to see pictures! They are soo much fun!

3goodeggs - They can be very exhausting! Ila does the leaps and dances all over the couch! It's soo adorable!
Well I have two new little Hampshire/Suffolk ram lambs to add to the babies. Such sweet little things. They have all graduated to the barn with a heat lamp. :[ I miss my babies being inside!

Here are the boys Autry on the left and Atticus on the right.


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