Lap chickens with dirty feet, solutions?


Feb 11, 2022
Groningen, the Netherlands
So I'm a new chicken mom who was blessed with very sweet chickens. Almost all of them like to flap up to my lap whenever I sit down with them for a moment. Of course this is super adorable and I hope they never stop doing this, but WOW do they have some stinky feet!
I keep my coop very clean, but outside in the run they have grass and soil and they also free range in the garden and I can't stop them from stepping in their poops. And ofcourse, somehow they always manage to run through the worst poops just before they hop up on my lap 🤦‍♀️
Does anyone have the golden tip to keep my clothes at least a little bit cleaner? 😅
Definitely chicken pants. Expect to get poop-footed periodically and do not wear light colors or white lol. If you see the brown sticky feet before you've sat down and they're on you, you can try making a small pile of fresh pine shavings or mulch and seeing if they will clean themselves via scratching around in it first but it can be hit and miss how well it works.

My hens never seem to care if they have dirty feet, but my rooster does. I've even seen him get something stuck on his foot, lift the foot up to look and make a displeased "ork" at it, then wander off out of sight and return a bit later with clean feet. He's purposely cleaning them somehow. Of course, none of that amazing behavior has rubbed off on my hens and it probably won't.
Definitely a spare towel or pants - some old loose pajama pants are perfect to slip on over clean clothes. I claimed a dog towel to become the designated chicken towel (good to have for other reasons besides lap protecting) and my pretty girl Freckles put it to good use when she was young. Sadly, they did grow out of being lap chickens so that chicken towel sits out by the coop gathering dust. Every now and then I'll grab it and sit down but they are more interested in seeing if it's edible now.


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