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    In February we bought three baby chicks. A Speckled Sussex, a Buff Orpington, and a Black Australorp. The Sussex and Orpington were a week or two old and the Australorp was a few days old. Since moving them outside they have been less friendly and no longer want to be touched or held. We let them free range our yard all day long. I go outside and sit with them and feed them treats (dried meal worms) but they just don't want to be held or petted or be lap chickens. Is there anyway I can bribe them to enjoy petting and become lap chickens?
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    Sep 30, 2015
    feed will help but when they start to lay they should be more sociable.
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    You know what i'm thinkin'? they are probably too excited about this big, new world to explore... your lap is old news for them. i am also having his problem with my chickens... i would just give 'em time... i think once they have fully explored the full extent of your backyard they will get slightly bored, and your lap/mealworm combo will seem REALLY exciting!!!
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