Large crop plus poo


11 Years
Dec 18, 2008
Hi there,
new to this business but am a diligent learner! I've read many post but none include all the facets of my girls problem.

My queen hen has been laying a few soft eggs. One day soft, next several days hard, then a soft one shows up. Also noticed the eggs sometimes were a little messy. We Give them oyster shell along with their regular diet. Yesterday I noticed poo on her back feathers. I got her today and brought her in to gently wash away the poo. AS I held her outside she squirted some diarrhea and it smelled icky. As I was running warm water on the poo to loosen it her vent was pulsating. I washed off a good amount and then checked her crop. It was swollen, soft, squishy. No smell though. I took her back out and only let her best bud in the run with her. I gave her yogurt, massaged her crop a little and put ACV in her water. She walks around and scratches like she feels fine.

Also, we got some new birds and 2 of then turned out to be roosters. They have come of age and have been jumping on the girls. They are leaving tomorrow as we can't stand the crowing and don't think the girls appreciate the advances. Could her problem be stress related? What to do with the crop? Check to see if the yogurt and ACV did any good by tomorrow morning? Oh, the roosters are put in another coop so she doesn't have to deal with them tonight.
oh, here's her pic!

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