Large Fowl SQ Rhode Island Reds, Spangled Russian Orloffs, New Hampshires, Delawares

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    May 26, 2011
    It is that time of year, time to thin out all the birds. These are all getting pretty big, so no shipping, pick up here in Tucson.

    I have the Mohawk/Reese line of SC Rhode Island Reds from Matt Ulrich. Offering trios for $100 or single cockerels for $25. I have the pure Illinois birds as well as Matt's 1/2 and 1/2s (Illinois X Florida). Those of you familiar with these will know what I am talking about. My cockerels are starting to squabble, so if you are interested, contact me very soon before they meet the knife. These were all hatched in April and May.

    Also selling for a very limited time, trios of Spangled Russian Orloffs for $100. My stock came from Rare Feathers Farm (not hatchery). The extra cockerels will be gone (butchered) soon, so if you are interested in breeding these, don't delay. I will sell single pullets for $40 each. Hatched in March and April.

    Also for sale is one pair of Kathyinmo's Delaware re-creations (F4). $25/pair. Hatched in May.

    Also available are single pullets of the pure German New Hampshires. I will have cockerels available after the Tucson Show in late November.
    Pullets are $40 each. Hatched in April and May.

    ALL my birds are raised from chicks on certified organic feed. You can visit my website at

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