large head wound from being picked on

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    My 6 month old feather footed freak, RIR/cochin mix, just keeps getting picked on. She has had to be isolated 3 times in as many months for open wounds she gets from being picked on. She is the only one from her group that gets picked on so badly. The 4 others from her hatch will get a peck or two and then run away. Ms. freak will just cower on the ground and get mauled by the older one. She doesn't know to run anway. Even her boy from the group will try and protect her and distract the big girls so she can make a run for is, but he is no match for the big girls.
    This time they caught her in a corner and just pecked her head mercifully. She has a flap avulsion from the base of her skull to her eyes, probally an inch and half flap that I can peel back and see her skull. Its pretty bad. If she was a human she would be in the ER getting stiches.
    I put some strong antibiotic ointment under the flap on her skull and pushed the skin back in place and she it in isolation again.
    Is there anything else I should do with this bad wound other that keep antibiotic on it? Should I put a stich or two in it? I have the supplies and know how, I've stiched up my dogs before, but never a chicken.
    Is there anyting I can do to help this poor girl out? I'm afraid I won't be home one day when she is getting picked on and they will kill her. Is she getting picked on because she is "different" and has feathered feet? Or are cochins generally wimps and at the bottom of the pecking order. I'm tempted to try and rehome her, but my friends all have older hens and it would probally be the same, or even worse since she doesn't have her friends with her.
    Ms. freak appreciates any help you can give her.

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    I think it will just keep happening. She is obviously at the low end of the pecking order. I would keep her separate from the bigger ones indefinitely or give her as a pet to someone you know. I would not close the wound completely up because you will be shutting bacteria in there. If you do close the would keep a small area open, and place a sterile small rubber tube with holes through out it in the wound to allow any discharge to escape. You can also close the ends with a skin cut glue and leave a little unglued. It is also a good idea to keep antibiotic ointment on any open wounds. Hope you can find a happy place for her, she has been through so much...Kristina
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