large rough naval experience???

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by klf73, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I always worry about everything...can't help it, especially when I have had experience with a similar situation that didn't turn out so well and multiple times.
    I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences with a large rough naval. I have had more losses with large rough naval than successes. If it was a $3 feed store chick I really wouldn't be concerned, or even if it was an "extra", but I paid $62.50 each/shipped. I contacted the breeder and he/she was very apologetic and admitted it was a complete oversight. I completely understand, it's easy to do. My main concern is this chick will not make it. If it does? Awesome! If not it bumps my cost per chick to $75/ea. I don't mind paying for quality, I am actually very cheap, but when I do buy "big" I expect the best. This is not Greenfire Farms, I know a lot of their breeds are in my sig and just wanted to clarify this was not them, they have been excellent to deal with, I don't want anyone inferring.

    So, this chick is a bit smaller than the rest and has this large rough naval. I have not had good experience with these and all of mine have perished within the first month. Has anyone had a chick survive to adulthood that had a large rough naval?
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    The seller admitted it was their oversight but didn't offer to compensate you in any way? That hardly seems professional.

    I take it it is scabbed over and not open? Is it hot to the touch (warmer than the surrounding flesh of the bird)? If it is open, or does open, I would clean it with saline and treat it with Vetericyn or Neosporin. If the scab seems to be taking longer than usual to heal, I would treat with a bandage soaked in aloe (preferably directly from an aloe plant). Aloe has been shown to be excellent for wound and scab care. If it is hot to the touch or if anything pussy or yellow oozes out of it, it is infected and you should treat for infection with antibiotics.

    You said you have had experience with this before. Did you notice any symptoms in the previous chicks you lost that you haven't yet seen in this chick? Did they suffer lethargy or discharge of any kind?
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    Quote:no, the seller didn't offer anything except for me to let them know how it does. It is not warm or anything. I will keep an eye on it. I have only had a few and the only difference I had was they just didn't grow well, no sign of infection [​IMG] I guess I am disappointed more than anything. I think if you pay a premium price you should get what you pay for. It really should have been a worry free experience now I have to stress over this [​IMG] , which is why I chose chicks and not eggs in the first place. I am just crossing my fingers it drops off soon and is closed up [​IMG] when it does.

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