Las Vegas Nevada anyone?


We have a NV thread with great LV area people, stop on in

us northerners are there and some easterners also.
hey there!

I am in Las Vegas too and would love to "meet-up" with other folks!

I recently had my PeaHen (yes - that's a female peacock!
help me hatch some chicken eggs! The only problem was half of them turned into roosters - then into crowing roosters! I had such a hard time parting with them that I waited a little too long to find them new homes and my neighbor turned me in to Animal Control!
Now "my girls" are at "fall camp" waiting for me to fix things so they can come home! They are staying at a beautiful place that's actually located in the "Township of Enterprise" here in Vegas. Some folks (I had never even met before!) offered to let them stay with them!
It's so nice there I'm afraid the girls might not want to come home!

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with Animal Control? I'm to the point where I need to take a "petition" of sorts around to all the neighbors within 350 ft agreeing that they don't mind the poultry. My neighbor that turned me in did come over and confess - he thot they'd just make the crowing roosters go away. He's already called AC to "retract" his complaint and will readily sign my "petition". So, if anyone has any suggestions on the wording for this petition it'd be much appreciated!
We Did It!

Finally, went to California and picked up my CA Chicks this week.

They are happily waiting in a huge moving box in the garage for us to build them a proper backyard coop.
Such good little Peeps!

I bought supplies and Starter Mash in CA (that's my home town feed store) which will last a few weeks

MUST find a Local Las Vegas/Henderson Feed Store.

Any suggestions?

Really don't want to have to drive to North Vegas for feed, but that's the closest one I've found on the net, so far.

and I do have One More Question for Nevadans: How do you Keep your Flock Cool in these 113 degree Summers?
I"m thinking I may have to invest in chicken diapers and bring em inside where there's Air Conditioning. Ha ha Bugaaawk!

See You Soon!

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