Laser engraver what size and kind should I get?


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8 Years
May 4, 2011
My husband is very good at scroll art cutting with the saw .now He would like to get a laser engraver. But they range in size and price.Can anyone help. what size should he start with.? He is thinking of spending around $2,000.
I did a little research a while back...My advice is to get the largest most powerful you can afford....
If you go bottom line you'll forever have someone with a project that won't fit your machine and you'll regret not getting a larger model OR trade up , trade up, trade up and loose gobbs of money you could have saved by buying the big dog up front.
You're looking at $9000.00 at the very least.

a model you can get for $2000.00 will at best do really cool nametags and coasters.

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