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    Our 5yr old EE hen attempted to lay a soft shelled egg 5 weeks ago. She had a prolapsed vent. My husband pulled out what he could of the broken egg and pushed her vent back in. She has appeared fine since. Two days ago I found a lash egg in her favorite nest box. I assume it was her...... this morning I saw lots of clear liquid come out of her bum and then clear liquid come out of her throat. This is our beloved Fluff, my children's favorite hen.

    To add to the stress, a couple birds are sneezing again. (Vet assumes MG, almost 2 yrs in our closed flock)

    Should I use Tylan 200, Duramycin 72-200, or Denaguard? On Fluff or the whole flock??

    Please provide suggestions!

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    Lash eggs are a sign of salpingitis, an inflammation of the oviduct. Antibiotics may not make an impact on it. The are a few good articles by TheChickenChick on the subject. Sneezing without any other symptoms, such as runny nose or eyes, wheezing or gasping, may be be from dust or other irritants. Many respiratory diseases can be from viruses which may not respind to antibiotics. For MG, I would use Tylan 50 given orally, 1 ml for a 5 pound hen, given twice daily for 5 days. Tylan 200 is 4 times as strong, so dosage should only be 1/4 of the Tylan 50.

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