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    I have tried so many different types of nesting boxes. Almost addicted to the trial and error process. I believe I am finally content with these homemade metal boxes. Inside is 14 x 14. Inside height is almost 18". Sharply sloped roof with heavy overhang to keep them in the shadows. It was clearly a success. The next morning after installing, we received 10/12 production all in the boxes. Our girls look so happy.
  2. chicklover 1998

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    Sep 30, 2015
    Your nests look amazing glad your girls are using them mine are just two 5 gal buckets on their side with the lid cut down to 1/3 to hold the shavings in, they were free and they work great for the time being, wish I had some great looking ones like yours.
  3. yochickiemomma

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    May 8, 2015
    Those look great Sean. There's nothing wring w five gal buckets Chick. That's what I was going to use until I decided to build external boxes to save space
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    Txs gang. I did the bucket thing for a while. I got many eggs on the floor of the coop at first. The seemed a bit cramped to me but I did enjoy the look of the buckets. My young boys always laugh when dad goes and upgrades the coop again. Addiction indeed! Lol. to make that run a bit bigger. Hmmmmm....

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